Welcome to our imPerfect World

The Songs of Christmas ring through our ears and play in our cars and our homes every Christmas season.  Two songs that made a deep impact on me this year are Andrew Peterson’s Labor of Love and Chris Rice’s Welcome to our World.  Our traditional Christmas songs differ greatly from these two songs for asContinue reading “Welcome to our imPerfect World”

Christmas Eve Call to Worship

Our Advent Series at Kingwood Christian Church was based on Chris Rice’s song, “Welcome to our World.”  I wrote this call to worship based on our exploration of this beautiful song.   One–           The wait is over.  The Time has come.  Tonight we welcome the Holy One. All—-            Welcome to our world! One–            Heaven andContinue reading “Christmas Eve Call to Worship”

Halloween Call to Worship

  One:      Night comes early.  Darkness surrounds us.  The cool night air makes us shiver. All:          Lord, we know your light shines brighter in the darkness. One:      Fear wraps its poisonous fangs paralyzing our progress forward All:          Lord, we know your love casts out all fear. One:      We set our jaw and face ourContinue reading “Halloween Call to Worship”