Thought for the week

I finished reading The Art of Living as taught by S.N. Goenka by  William Hart.  This amazing little book is full of beautiful parables and deep teaching.  Each chapter takes you deeper into the practice of Vipassana Meditation where we free ourselves from all suffering. Today, many gathered in churches to learn important lessons.  NoContinue reading “Thought for the week”

Love My Tribe, Part 4

  Many people use grateful and thankful interchangeably.  I thought on Thanksgiving, I might just offer a few insights into these two beautiful words. Gratitude is a Noun.  Grateful is an Adjective. Thankful is an Adjective or a Verb. Gratitude is a state of being and does not need a receiver. Thankful is the expressionContinue reading “Love My Tribe, Part 4”

Love My Tribe, Part 3

The beautiful feast you spent hours preparing and lovingly serving…..Impermanent. The family you welcomed into your home…Impermanent. The fight you and your husband had before all the guests arrived….Impermanent. The crazy uncle who wants to talk about controversial issues…..Impermanent. You might need to pull this truth out during the week when you are tired fromContinue reading “Love My Tribe, Part 3”