Cut the Tie

Let's be honest.  I struggle holding on to past disagreements, past conversations and past experiences.  I perseverate on the experience reliving the moment without resolution.  I don't immediately recognize my feelings connected to the events, but pain in my hips alerts me to their presence. During a session with my Spiritual Renegade coach, we identified … Continue reading Cut the Tie

Take a peek

Personal boundaries serve to protect us from experiencing hurt or pain or rejection. We set up these boundaries because experience tells us that we need protection. Boundaries also prevent us from being able to see a situation clearly. When we establish firm boundaries, we can’t explore the possibilities of learning/experiencing something different. Today, I want … Continue reading Take a peek

Watch your Thoughts

  Watch your thoughts They become your words Watch your words They become your actions Watch your actions They become habits Watch your habits They become your character Watch your character It becomes your destiny. Many people quote this saying. I found a Buddhist saying and a Chinese proverb with the same meaning. Navajos tribes … Continue reading Watch your Thoughts

Present-Tense Prison   Our morning devotional drove home my thoughts on impermanence this week. Walter Brueggemann’s book Gift and Task focused on a passage in Joel this morning. Joel is a prophet in the Old Testament who had a vision of locusts devouring nature and humanity. He called for the people to mourn not outwardly … Continue reading Present-Tense Prison