Here is one way we hold on to our kindness:

Stop posting sh*t on Facebook about people you disagree with. We do this in ways that are in your face and we do this is subtle ways. Don’t even do it on private pages. Don’t speak for a whole group of people. Not OK.

What it does is force a whole group of people into a box 📦 instead of getting to know individually how people make decisions and what their life experience has taught them. We are trained by our culture to label everything, define what it means to be this or that. Christianity has a long and terrible history of defining the secular and the sacred. Me v You and Us v Them is a tribal way of thinking that has served us in many ways in the past, but has now expired. Now, it is a weapon used to hurt.

How do we go against the culture? One honest & kind conversation at a time.

I bet if you heard people’s stories, you still may not agree with them, but you might learn what is important to them. You might hear in their story where they have been hurt. You might see them as an individual trying to make the best decision using their intellect, feelings and gut instincts. You might find that in some ways you are not so different from them.

Jesus spent time getting to know individuals. Woman at the well (from a hated “them”). Zacchaeus up in the tree (a social outcast). The woman who baths Jesus’ feet with her hair ( a woman of questionable reputation). On the Sabbath, Jesus heals individuals seeing them as more important than breaking the rule of Sabbath law (outside the box 📦 thinking).

Let’s know and understand the box we have created well enough to step outside of it! We might just find ourselves Following Jesus.

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