With each Step, You have Arrived

  In a walking meditation, you walk like a free person.  Free from the past.  Free from the future.  It is an act of revolution.  Thich Nhat Hanh Walk meditations are hard for me.  I always have a destination and/or a goal.  I am a fast walker who thinks about a million things while walking. Continue reading “With each Step, You have Arrived”

Heartfulness, Part Two

“Heartful awareness invites us into active engagement with those emotional states, which, by their very definition, are life-generating, expansive and stabilizing.”  From Mindfulness to Heartfulness by Alane Daugherty I love to travel and traveling on planes scares me.  My heart rate increases.  My body freezes becoming rigid and lacking feeling.  Recently, I flew to CaliforniaContinue reading “Heartfulness, Part Two”

Life Transformation is an Embodied Experience

The class I took this fall semester for my Doctoral studies is called, “Your brain on God.”  During the semester, we read about how meditation deepens our spiritual connection to ourselves, others and The Divine.  We also read about how neuroscience is studying meditation.  It is fascinating to think about what spiritual experiences look likeContinue reading “Life Transformation is an Embodied Experience”