Welcome, friend.  I am a mother of 2 beautifully unique children and a wife to my best friend, Chad Mattingly.  Chad and I met in seminary and are both ministers in the Disciples of Christ church.  I love yoga, connecting to the creative Spirit, reading, long walks and curling up with my daughter to watch a movie.  I love watching my son play sports.  His smile lights up the room.  Seeing both of my children succeeding now from where we started is nothing less than a miracle.  The one thing that has shaped me most is the journey with our children’s health.  For the first 5 years of my son’s life, autism threatened to steal away my son’s life and my health in the process.  I was told he would never talk.  He did not walk until age 2.  He was diagnosed failure to thrive.  He had to be taught everything including how to play and how to chew food.  He ate baby food longer than I care to admit.  But thanks be to God, the spirit by way of a overly talkative speech therapist led us to a doctor who said that health, healing and finding my son was possible.  This was a long and difficult process with my son and then my daughter also needed healing from immune system dysfunction.  12 years later, I am so glad I listened to that glimpse of hope.  He is now almost as tall as me with BIG feet and the most handsome smile.  My daughter moves to the beat of her own drum and has such wise words for me that I find myself speechless for this wise little one that I get to know and love.  For me, this is the essence of the Good News…. speaking life and hope into a person’s darkness.  I found it in a doctor’s office and now I look for God to show up in the most surprising places.  Looking forward to this new journey of writing.