What kind of follower are you?

  What kind of follower are you?  There are many kinds.  (video of me walking my dog talking about Patch learning how to follow can be found on my Facebook page)  You might think about your walk with God and realize that you fit into one category or another.  Or you might be thinking “OnContinue reading “What kind of follower are you?”

a touch of Magic

Our family vacationed in Disney World again this year.  For my personality type, vacationing at Disney World shows what brilliance, perfection & a touch of Magic (insanity) can create.  I am inspired to tears by Disney World’s attention to detail (even the bathrooms have their own attendant so that they can be immaculate), outrageous goalsContinue reading “a touch of Magic”

Flow, a Pentecost Sermon

If you would like to hear the message from Sunday, please go to http://www.kwcc.org and click on Sermons. Flow.  What images comes to mind when I say the word flow?  A stream.  Breath in and out of the body (slide).  Blood coursing through veins and arteries (slide). Energy (slide) . Wind (slide).   Waves in theContinue reading “Flow, a Pentecost Sermon”

Hi, my name is Peyton

In the month of April, we celebrate autism awareness month.  I would like to celebrate these last few days by beginning a conversation about autism and friendship, but not in a way that you might naturally consider.  There is lots of information about how to help neuro-typical children understand and be good friends to childrenContinue reading “Hi, my name is Peyton”