Flow, a Pentecost Sermon

If you would like to hear the message from Sunday, please go to http://www.kwcc.org and click on Sermons. Flow.  What images comes to mind when I say the word flow?  A stream.  Breath in and out of the body (slide).  Blood coursing through veins and arteries (slide). Energy (slide) . Wind (slide).   Waves in theContinue reading “Flow, a Pentecost Sermon”

Hi, my name is Peyton

In the month of April, we celebrate autism awareness month.  I would like to celebrate these last few days by beginning a conversation about autism and friendship, but not in a way that you might naturally consider.  There is lots of information about how to help neuro-typical children understand and be good friends to childrenContinue reading “Hi, my name is Peyton”