Christmas is over. Baby Jesus is gone. Now what?

My niece, Natalie, just started driving. On December 18th, she had her 16th birthday party and on Monday morning, December 18th, she woke her mom, my sister, excited and ready to take her driving test.  Friends, she passed her drivers test by only a few points and then she drove her mom home. Then, weContinue reading “Christmas is over. Baby Jesus is gone. Now what?”

2022 Call to Fast & Pray

There was a period of time in my life when I wondered if I was following God.  I had transitioned out of working in the church and began working with people who identified themselves from a wide variety of religious or nonreligious backgrounds. This was a very difficult transition for me because I loved theContinue reading “2022 Call to Fast & Pray”


“The ninth-century Buddhist master Lin Chi said, ‘If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.’ “Kill the Buddha” often is considered a koan, one of those bits of dialogue or brief anecdotes unique to Zen Buddhism. It is said that by contemplating a koan, the student exhausts discriminating thoughts, and a deeper, more intuitive insight arises.Continue reading “Wonder”

How We do things is as Important as What we do

How many of you have experienced your faith journey…the journey of your life as a straight linear path?  How many of you might say your faith journey has been more of a wild roller coaster ride?  How many of you might say that your faith journey has been more of a spiral of moving aContinue reading “How We do things is as Important as What we do”

Your Brain on Faithfulness

60% of Americans report that they have had an experience of the presence of God or a patterning of events in their lives that persuades them that they are a part of a cosmic design. (Fingerprints of God, Barbara Bradley Hagerty, 150) A man named Michael Persinger gained notoriety for his research that produced whatContinue reading “Your Brain on Faithfulness”