Life of the Beloved Experience

Welcome to the Life of the Beloved Experience.



Henri Nouwen’s Life of the Beloved should be read and experienced.  A friend asks Nouwen to write a book with a message for people who are unchurched, de-churched, but who desire to explore the connection between spirituality and everyday life.  Nouwen boils down his message to God calling us, “The Beloved.”  Our challenge is to become aware that we are the Beloved by loving ourselves more fully and seeing ourselves as lovely.  Only from this sacred place can we then see and affirm that those across the table or across the border are the Beloved as well.

Come as you are.  Move at your own pace.  Lean in to the Experience.

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Advent 2018

First United Methodist Church Houston

Saturday, December 1st from 9am-12pm

United Campus Ministry @University of Houston

Sunday, December 2nd from 5-7pm

Kirkwood South Christian Church

Sunday, December from 10am-11am.

Summer 2018

First Christian Houston

Monday, June 25 from 5:30-8pm    Wine & Cheese Reception

Canvas Church Houston

Saturday, July 21 from 9am-12pm    Coffee & Conversation from 9am-10am

First Christian Pasadena

Saturday, August 4 from 6-8pm    Dessert Reception


Advent 2017 @ Kingwood Christian Church

7-9pm Sunday-Saturday, December 17-23, 2017



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