We are all Connected

I shared this message in my yoga classes during the month of January and ending the week of Valentine's Day.   This writing summarizes my findings.  Enjoy! We gather in this space/ seeking pleasant smiles on each face.  We settle into our skin/ aware of the sacredness within.  The moment of introspection/ where wonder meets … Continue reading We are all Connected

Navigating your Mental Web

This project took me two weeks to get the videos to upload!  I am learning new technology slowly. Introduction to Practice Part One: Quality Breathing Exercise Adapted from Practicing the art of Compassionate Conversation by Andrea Cohen Part Two: Moving Energy Sun Salutation A & Sun Salutation B Part Three: Vision Board You will need … Continue reading Navigating your Mental Web

My Intention

As I begin my doctorate studies this week, I processed through my complex feeling about putting myself out there again to meet new people, learn, hopefully contribute something meaningful to the process, and first day of school anxiety. So here is the intention or lens through which I choose to see this week.