Thank you, Mr. Trump


Please read this in the context of my last blog “Even our little ones feel it.”

This week, I feel called to fight for our girls.  If you are voting for Hillary, then this blog is for you.  If you are voting for Trump, then this blog is for you.  No matter which candidate you are voting for, we have to stand together against Trumps words that demean and objectify women.  It is one thing to vote for Trump, it is quite another thing to support/justify “boys will be boys”/ or stay silent about how men talk about and treat women.  You want to hear something crazy…..I am actually thankful that Trump has brought this out in the light.  For me, this dark side of what it means to be an American Male now has a spotlight shining on it.  I am appalled by the lack of opposition to this kind of behavior by my Christian Community.  I am ashamed of how women like Beth Moore have been treated by our Christian Community for standing up against this behavior and sharing their stories.

Men of God, where is your voice?  Do not stay silent on this issue.  Our little girls need to hear you say that men honor and respect and sacrifice for women to be all that God created them to be.  Men of God, your boys need to hear that their words matter.  God spoke the whole world into being.  Jesus became the Word made flesh.  Words have power to create beauty/lift up/encourage/promote/love AND words have the power to put another child of God into a living hell.  Men of God, Words matter.

Women of God, it is time for you to rise up and talk to your girls about their worth.  The time is now for us to show our girls that men of God do not talk this way about any person.  We hold men accountable for their words and in humility offer forgiveness when asked because that is the power of our words.  It is time that we dig deep and honor the divine feminine in every women.  She is not defined by her sexuality.  She is not defined by her weight.  She is not defined by her looks.  She is.  Yes, she is and that is her source of power.

So, thank you, Mr Trump, for bringing this very important issue into the light.  For too long, these words have been hidden behind close doors and lurked in the shadows of my mind.  I have dealt with this issue within my own family and the confused Christian Community did not give me the words to stand against something I felt was not right, but today I look at my young daughter in the eyes, the daughter I named Sophia for the divine feminine wisdom that she holds within, and I use the power of my words.  Let us realize the power of our words and together work for a better way forward.


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