CPR Program

CPR is Sacred Flow’s signature program for middle school students. This 10 session experience encourages the students innate capacity to live with Clarity, comPassion, & Radical amazement.

In Person Experience

We love offering in person experiences for our students! We are located in Kingwood, Texas. Our Fall Session runs for 6 weeks. In the Fall, we highlight 1 of the themes and explore that theme more deeply. The Spring Session runs January-March and follows the full CPR program. Each Session begins with a Saturday retreat. Each class is 75 minutes and includes meditation, yoga, craft or game, and fearless dialogue.

Fall Session$150
Spring Session$300

Virtual Experience

Coming Soon! Our virtual experience is top notch. In our virtual experience, we are able to include students who do not live near us providing a safe space to build a unique community. Every month, the student receives a special box in the mail that includes all that they will need for our gathering and includes a few special items. We gather online monthly for our 75 min practice. On Demand meditation & yoga classes included.

1 Month$49.00
3 Months$140.00
10 Months$475.00

Summer Retreat Experience

Coming July 2023! Join us for a 5 day (8:30am-5:30pm) summer retreat experience. Students will journey through the 10 sessions with one session each morning and one session every afternoon. Snacks provided. Please bring a lunch!

Summer Retreat400.00

The most important thing I learned is that I can use my breath to calm my mind. I struggle with test anxiety and these classes taught me how if I just focus on my breath for a few minutes before a test, then my brain unfreezes!

— Maddie (age 11)

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