Amber Mattingly, DMin, RYT 200

I am an Archeological Healer. My gift is to hold safer space for the discovery of hidden treasures inside the human spirit by using tools both ancient and new. Check out my unique values by clicking on the orange button.


I began yoga when my son was newly diagnosed with autism. I was overwhelmed, frightened for his future, worried about my marriage, and frustrated at life. At the height of this experience, I stopped sleeping. I stopped sleeping for a whole year. So, I was not the youthful mom coming to yoga to learn handstands and complicated poses. Nope. I was the young mom barely able to make it through the day who ended up spending most of the time crying on my mat. For me, yoga is a tool that reconnected me with my true self, strengthened connection with something greater than myself, and built relationships based on humility, compassion & radical amazement!


I met Pema while pursuing my Doctor of Ministry degree in Compassion based Leadership. We quickly realized that we shared a passion to help people live from their true self which is deeply loving and compassionate even though we were from different religious traditions. We wondered what might happen if people from different faith traditions shared a prayer/meditation practice. Would they grow spiritually together while deepening their connection to their own faith tradition? This curiosity lead us to develop a study that included Buddhist and Christian practitioners. What we found were some hidden treasures! Interested? Follow the study by clicking the orange box below.

Robust & Resilient Future Leaders

I spent the past 2 years developing a curriculum for middle school students. My focus for the curriculum was to develop essential character qualities for personal well being. Recently, I added part two which is a teen curriculum focused on providing space for teens to explore their innate leadership skills. The curriculum is beautifully crafted, imaginative, & heartfelt so that future leaders live a Robust (Strong + Healthy) & Resilient (Flexible + Persistent) life.

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