Faithful following is not Anti- Religious

My prayer for Christians everywhere today is that you feel the freedom and power to turn the sermon into a conversation. Let the words your minister speaks pass through three gates: head (experience of life and knowledge), the heart (feelings), and the gut (instincts). Write down the ideas that are spoken that affirm the Good … Continue reading Faithful following is not Anti- Religious

Friends, Family, Faith & Politics

Recently, a friend approached me wanting to have a difficult conversation. She stated her intention in the invitation: a video on Facebook created by religious leaders bothered her and she hoped we could talk about our different political views. She and I recently spent time together in a study I created called “Root to Bloom: … Continue reading Friends, Family, Faith & Politics

Life of the Beloved Experience

I am thrilled to share with you that the 10 Experiences will be hosted by 2 churches in the Greater Houston Area this summer.  Reading Henri Nouwen's Life of the Beloved is powerful, but I longed for his message to be experienced.  After creating the Experiences, I offered the opportunity to Kingwood Christian Church, my … Continue reading Life of the Beloved Experience