At Sacred Flow, we believe that yoga awakens your spirit to the flow of Divine Love. You are always standing in the flow of Divine Love, but what changes from day to day is your awareness. Awakened to this Sacred Flow, you are set free to offer compassion to yourself, your loved ones, acquaintances, and even the challenging people in your life.

We offer a variety of yoga styles: sunrise yoga, slow flow, happy hour yoga, ashtanga, chair, and seated meditation. Our members have access to a specialized plan to build flexibility and strength, release tension and stress, and access peace and inner wisdom.

Satsang Yoga is a signature style of yoga Exclusive to Sacred Flow. Through Amber Mattingly’s Doctoral project, she created this signature style which includes meditation, asanas, reading of sacred text, facilitated dialogue, ritual of food and fire, and gratitude.

CPR is Sacred Flow’s signature program for middle school students. This 10 session experience encourages the students innate capacity to live with Clarity, comPassion, & Radical amazement. Click here for more information.

Sunrise Yoga are short and sweet practices to fit into any busy schedule. Each practice is labelled with a target area in mind e.g. core, spine.

Slow Flow takes you through a traditional Sun A, Sun B, and creative Sun C. Yin poses stretch your muscles and ready your body for savasana.

Happy Hour Yoga is a mixology of Yin Yoga and Loving Kindness meditation. You will feel expansive in mind, body and spirit as you stretch in seated or lying down poses and offer loving Kindness to a yourself, a beloved, acquaintance, challenging person and finally to all living beings.

Ashtanga Primary Series created by Pattabhi Jois is an energetic practice where poses are linked by flowing movements. The series takes you through a warm up Sun A & Sun B, standing poses, seated poses, and ending in savasana.

Chair Yoga offers movements for everyday situations like sitting in a desk, traveling, and for those recovering from injury. It is also a beautiful practice for those who need an alternative to getting up and down on a mat.

Guided Meditations are a part of every class. When meditations are offered, there is a description included with each meditation. Practice them morning, noon, and night or whenever you need to connect to your compassionate core.

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