Amber believes in the importance of collaboration. In collaboration, we notice areas where we need to stretch, grow, and clarify. New voices give us a fresh perspective and an opportunity to practice living Robust (Strong + Healthy) & Resilient (Flexible + Persistent) lives.

This Fall, Amber is collaborating with InDependent on a series about Parenting. Amber will speak from her real-life experience of raising 2 teenagers & from her expertise in working with Preteens. InDependent’s mission is to make wellness accessible and to create opportunities for all military spouses to connect for friendship, accountability, and inspiration.

Join us on FB Live on Wednesday, September 21st at noon. Click here.

One of the Themes in our Signature CPR program is curiosity. This year I participated in a Curiosity Cohort and afterwards Zoe Chaytors invited me to dialogue with her about Curiosity. View this Edgy Conversation here!

I am honored to collaborate with Yogadevotion during Holy Week. Join me on Good Friday, April 15th, 2022 at 5pm as I teach on the theme of Woundedness. Register using this link:

February 2022

Amber partnered with Pema Lisa Antoniotti of Joyful Path Meditation and Healing to write a book called A Leap of (Inter)Faith: Finding Treasures through Shared Practice. You can purchase the book by clicking here. We created 6 podcast episodes to share the joy we found through this project! Click this link to listen

In January 2021, we held our first Collaborate Seminar Series. We created personal wellness gatherings and held dialogue with leading experts in the fields of health, fitness, nutrition, soul care, and healing. Thank you to all of our collaborators!

In January 2021, Sacred Flow was chosen by the National Benevolent Association to be in their Sent Cohort. This Cohort is composed of 10 social entrepreneurs who are passionate about serving their community.

Amber offered classes at the University of Houston through United Campus Ministries. She created her Doctoral dissertation project while working with this group. Her dissertation’s title is From The Pew to The Mat: Seeing & Hearing the Outsider.

Amber partnered with OMZ Yoga in Kingwood to bring the Life of the Beloved series. Life of the Beloved series is based on Henri Nouwen’s book by the same name.

Sacred Flow collaborated with Chrysalis Consulting in New Mexico once a year in leading yoga at a retreat for ministry leaders.

Sacred Flow collaborated with the Kingwood Public Library to offer “Yoga for Young Writers.”

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