Sacred Flow believes in the importance of collaboration. We donate 10% of your monthly membership fee to a not for profit that is chosen quarterly, but the collaboration does not stop there. Every quarter, you have the opportunity to learn about the not for profit through Live interviews or accessing the recorded interview On Demand. We hope that you feel a sense of connection to the amazing people and organizations in our world!

Although most of the classes are taught by our Founder, Amber Mattingly, we invite special guests to contribute their unique style and message to the community. Our vision is to support individuals that have not found a place for their voice to be heard, so you will see reflections posted by passionate speakers and teachers that inspire us to awaken to the Sacred Flow. Meet some of our collaborators here:

Live Free Yoga Sanctuary is a not for profit religious organization committed to offering sacred space to people from any or no religious background. This community embraces Love as the Way, Compassion as the Truth, and the Freedom to live life to the Fullest!

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