Feel like you are groping around in the dark when it comes to finding healing & personal transformation? You need a Wellness Tribe.

A Wellness Tribe is a community focused on Mind, Body, & Spirit wellness who gather to educate, empower, and encourage the creation of healthy habits.

Sacred Flow believes in the power of community to support and encourage the soulful journey of healing and transformation. Research shows that a key ingredient in creating and sustaining healthy habits is the support of a Community. In our Community membership, groups meet in wellness tribes to walk through an intentional path that will equip you to live a trauma informed, Robust (Strong + Healthy) and Resilient (Flexible + Persistent) life. We call this path CPR: Clarity, comPassion, Radical amazement. For more information, please send us an email at

Sacred Flow’s Values:

Compassion– Compassion is at the heart of our mission. We have experienced deep suffering and navigated the dark, long, winding and sometimes lonely road that lead to healing and transformation. Now, we see that our personal suffering connects us to the suffering of humanity all around us. Compassion calls us to relieve the suffering and Sacred Flow will equip you to live a Robust (Strong + Healthy) and Resilient (Flexible + Persistent) life.

Flexibility-not only in body but in our mind!  We approach our work as a student continually learning from our clients and current research.

Beauty-Our aim is to provide you with something beautiful to look at, touch or smell as you log into your membership account or when you join us in person. We want our classes to be heartful and to give you the opportunity to feel beautiful in your own skin.

Inclusivity-We want everyone to feel welcome and able to join our practice. Our membership offers various styles of yoga to meet the needs from certified teachers trained to teach in yin yoga, vinyasa flow, adaptive yoga, trauma informed yoga, and seated meditation.

We know we are created to thrive in community. We know that lives flourish when they feel seen and heard. So, we invite you to join our evolving community.

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