Sacred Flow believes in the power of community to speak the truth that you are a gift to this world. Our community meets in person, Live, and in weekly Zoom gatherings.

Sacred Flow is committed to

Compassion– We believe in teaching self-compassion so that every person can offer their best self to the world. As we practice self-compassion, we grow in our compassion for those we love, strangers, our enemies so that all living beings are extended our compassion.

Yes!– We believe that our business is our mission and our mission is our business. Our posture is to say YES to continually working on our product so that our members are offered the best service.

Gift– We believe that every person we meet is a gift from God. A gift is received and cherished. Our community responds by listening to each other and speaking to each other in ways that are nonviolent. We hope you feel you are treated like a beautiful gift!

We know we are created to thrive in community. We know that lives flourish when they feel seen and heard. So, we invite you to join our evolving community.

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