Finding Your Balance



In this season of Lent, I am drawn to the idea of balance.  Maybe it is because we cannot experience the resurrection unless we experience Jesus’ death.  Maybe it is because Lent calls us to give up things that we may take for granted so that we can enjoy them more fully after Easter.  Maybe it is because Lent can be a time of refueling, a time to quiet the heart and mind centering on how we can follow Jesus more fully so that, after Easter, we feel geared up and ready to go just as the disciples did to “tell the world about Jesus,” to heal the sick and set the captives free. 




The fall of 2016, I entered into a season of doing anything and everything that God called me to do.  I laid myself out there and as they say in basketball, “I left it all on the court.”  I gave my ministry my very best self.  Then, January rolled around and I felt called to a time of quiet reflection, writing, praying and going to deep places inside of myself.  Now, I am ready to act on what God is calling me to next.




In this give and take of action, reflection, action, I find my balance.  I believe God wants us to live life to the fullest and a part of that is finding balance.  Without quiet reflection, I cannot hear what God is calling me to next and I would not have the energy to sustain me through the time of action.  Without a time of action, I would not see God’s power move through me to touch other lives with God’s love.




Journey with me this Lent as I offer weekly reflections on finding Balance.




What season are you in?    



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