Mary Magdalene


After reading many wonderful dramatic monologues, I put together this monologue on Mary Magdalene’s thoughts as she is sitting at the tomb.  Enjoy!  He is risen!  He is risen indeed!

I must confess that I had hoped for a miracle as I watched Jesus hanging from the cross.  I expected God to come shake the very foundation of the earth and save his son.  But instead darkness devoured the sun, a midday darkness like that of a great and terrible storm that can only be washed away by water.  But no storm came and two days later, I was on my way to his tomb.  It was still dark the morning I came to the tomb, but sleep had offered no escape from the darkness of my heart and I needed to be near my lord.

I thought my body could produce no more tears.  I thought I had no more energy to give to my grief, but as I saw the final resting place of my lord, the flood gates opened and I sat paralyzed.

I wept because his life ended in such shame dying the death of a common criminal. 

I wept because he was the greatest man I had ever known and those that had not known him would only hear of his name being cursed.  They would never know his glory.

I wept in anger at a God who would abandon his son, but more so that I have been abandoned by the one I hoped to follow.

I wept for lost dreams…for him and for me.

I wept for the new life he gave me, a life of adventure and discovery now lost.  I had left a life I knew behind for the excitement of following him.  How do I live now?   Where do I fit in?  I can’t go back but how do I move forward?

I wept because I could not do anything else. 

At this moment in the Easter drama, a group of women sang Lauren Daigle’s song, “I will trust in you.”  During the song, Jesus appears on the bench with Mary and through her tears, she recognizes him.  As the song came to an end, the children brought in all of our Easter Lilies to surround the empty tomb.


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