Rhyme for Sun Salutation A, Day 3

Sun A Rhyme

Inhale arms up, stretch up, look up

Exhale forward fold don’t throw up

Inhale hand son shin

Exhale forward fold again

Inhale plant your hand son the mat

Exhale Chaturanga and squeeze out all the fat

Inhale into your upward dog

And don’t just sit there like a bump on a log

Now, exhale and press back to downward dog

5 deep breaths to clear away the fog

Jump, hop or step to the front of your mat

Landing gently on your feet like a cat

Inhale halfway lift and look out

Exhale to your last forward fold and I don’t want to hear you pout!

Inhale and up you go to stretch up to the skies

And don’t forget to follow with your eyes

Exhale bring your hands to your heart

Be grateful that you did not fart!


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