Sleep Deprived Rhyme


Sleep Rhyme

My body feels so heavy in the bed.

The pillow so inviting to my weary head.

Sore muscles, tired feet,

I cannot press myself up off the sheet.

I hear the coffee pot make it’s sweet sound, 

But today it bangs through my ears like Pound!  Pound!

I look forward to my coffee ever morning.

I must be sick because I find the idea so boring.

Sip after sip, the fog begins to clear.

Too soon the kids will be up and it will be time to kick it into gear.

Get dressed, breakfast, pack up for the day.

The kids are off to school.  We did it.  Hooray!

Now I teach yoga into the empty space.

I get lost halfway through and forget my place.

“Start it up again.  You’ll focus much better next time,” I say.

Thank God that this time the words came out clear as day.

Again and again, I run through my lines.

I must have run through it a million times.

The day is forward folding to a close

I made it through so I propose

A treat made with spinach, avocado, chocolate and mint.

The family will love it but don’t share the ingredients….not even a hint!

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