To celebrate International Day of Peace, I asked my kids to write a list of what peace means to them.  Here is what we came up with:

Freedom, Friends, Family, TV, Patch (our dog), Shalom, Authenticity, Honesty, Acceptance, Understanding, Contentment, Sleep, Pillow, Blanket, Bed, Stuffed animals, Weekends, Reading, Friends, Beach, Mountains, Family (sometimes), Freedom, Ziplines, Painting, Pottery, Writing, Singing, YouTube, Peace Sign, Slime, Squishes, Fidget Spinners, Blue, Music, Sky, Smell of Baked Goods, Health of Mind & Body, Friendship, & Hugs

What does Peace mean to you?  What color is Peace?  What does Peace smell like?  What does Peace look like, feel like?

May all beings everywhere be happy and free!



2 responses to “Peace”

  1. Peace is the same sensation I had as a child when I woke up and saw the ground covered with snow–before anyone had walked or driven on it. The air was so fresh and clean. There was a purity and innocence about the scene.

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