Learning to Listen

Learning to Listen


“But when the Spirit comes, She will teach you all things and remind you of everything I have said to you.”
Today, I thought about my connection to my body. I am a person who is really in tune with my body which can be very helpful but also distracting! I feel and attach to every ache and pain. I know why things are off and take supplements to help restore balance. I can tell where I am at in my monthly cycle by my thought pattern during meditation (2 days before my period, my mind is a total mess and every month I almost lose hope for my practice!). As a child, I trusted what my body said I needed and responded, but as I grew into an adult, I forgot to listen to this connection. I am relearning to trust and follow the guiding of my body taking time to rest, noticing tension, focusing on my breath to still my mind and using high energetic times to get shit done! (That is for you Anne Amis!)
I wonder if becoming aware and in tune with our bodies is one way to help us practice listening for and responding to the spirit. As we listen to the natural rhythm of our bodies, we can learn to distinguish between slight variations or fluctuations from day to day. Listening and then responding to our bodies could give us courage to respond to the Spirit. Practice. The scriptures tell us that the Spirit is a present and powerful guide, but the spirit is only able to teach us and remind us if we are constantly listening. I have experienced times when I believe the spirit is guiding me and I feel that guidance through warmth around my heart or energy coursing through my arms or deep peace in my gut.

What practices or connections help you learn to listen for the Spirit?

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