Richard Rohr in his new book, The Divine Dance, quotes Hildegard of Bingen who said, “the Spirit’s endless fertility and fecundity veriditas–a quality of divine aliveness that makes everything blossom and bloom in endless shades of green.”

The heart chakra’s color is green.  The heart chakra is the place where we find deep love for ourselves and extend that love out like branches of a tree beyond ourselves to others.  In the mental realm, this chakra represents freedom and expansion.  To read more about the heart Chakra click here

Let’s connect these two ideas together today.  The Holy Spirit as part of the Divine Dance teaches us and reminds us of all things.  She gave birth to the church through her stunning appearance on Pentecost, but we know she was here from the beginning of time hovering over the deep in Creation’s Big Bang.  She just shows off her beauty and power from time to time to remind us of her presence.  Her transformative power in our lives enables us to move beyond our own self to connect to others who need her love.  This transformation is like watching a seed grow into full flower (accepting ourselves) and then produce fruit (reaching out to others).

Have you ever thought of the color of the Holy Spirit?  What color would the Spirit be for you and how does that impact the role of the Spirit in your life?


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