Michelangelo Quote


I heard today’s quote in Yin Yoga “Surrender” class today.  When the words were spoken, they took my breath away.  The yoga instructor changed the pronoun to her and I thought I would leave it the way he spoke the quote.

The amazing thing is that I was lying on my mat in pain (Hashimoto’s flare up) thinking about how much work I have to put into keeping my body healthy.  As soon as I heard this quote, I knew that I had an invitation to accept my body each and every day and a responsibility to keep my body healthy even if I have to spend time each day focusing on myself.  If I am learning to love myself, then I have to accept the part of myself I least like…Autoimmune disease, my dear friends.  So today, I spent time welcoming my pain like an old friend that I don’t want to stay in my home too long (LOL!!) but I am familiar with her habits.  Resisting doesn’t work…tried that.  Being angry doesn’t work….tried that.  Avoiding and denying doesn’t work…tried that.  So, Welcome, Friend, and may you be gone as quickly and unexpectedly as you came!

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