Loving Kindness

Loving Kindness

Hesed is the Hebrew word for Loving-Kindness. In seminary, I learned about the power of this type of love. Loving-Kindness is the type of loving commitment that a King makes with the people in his kingdom. Imagine a rope. On one side, the King holds the rope and on the other side a regular individual holds onto the rope. The king uses the word Hesed to mean, “No matter what you do. No matter if you continue to hold onto the rope or not, I will not let go!”
I started a consulting business in my early 30s with the name Hesed Consulting. I consulted for a foundation vetting different ministries and not for profits. I worked with a Foundation to help clarify goals and to set more specific parameters for what kind of ministries/not for profits the foundation would like to partner with for the duration. Maybe no one understood the name of my consulting business but I loved explaining the name to the various ministries because to me, the name said, “Once we (foundation) partner with you (ministry/not for profit), we are here for the long haul.”
In yoga, we have talked about sending meta or loving-kindness out to people. I am not sure if meta holds the same meaning as hesed but I think the idea is worth considering. Loving-Kindness means I know and trust the other person’s heart. Loving-Kindness brings not only good feelings but holds responsibility for the other party as a priority. Loving-Kindness holds us to a higher standard of love that does not bail at the 1st or 75th disagreement.

Who do you send Loving-Kindness to today?


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