The Smell of Yoga

I came home late one night from YTT (yoga teacher training) class to find my daughter snuggled in bed ready to go to sleep. I bent over and hugged her and kissed her cheek and she said softly, “ Mom, you smell like yoga.”

She probably meant I needed to take a shower (LOL), but I began to think about the smell of yoga. Today, I pulled out my container of Essential Oils and began playing with “The Smell of Yoga.” At first, I thought to include JOY because of the joy of moving my body and the smile that spreads across my face during a great FLOW class where I am connected to my breath and my mind is focused on 1 breath 1 Movement. I had to include LAVENDER because in yoga we are working with the mind to bring it into focus and “calm the monkey mind!” Lastly, I brought it all together with a drop of FRANKINCENSE because through JOY and LAVENDER, we gain a deeper connection, a greater awareness of the divine.

I think Yoga smells heavenly!

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