Better World

Better World


This week, I am reading The World Peace Diet: Eating for Spiritual Health and Social Harmony by Will Tuttle. Will Tuttle passionately speaks his perspective that violence in our world stems from the violence we commit in killing living creatures for food. I am not in agreement with this book on many points because his passion seems to override his reason, but I can appreciate his perspective. I really question is belief that we are all the same and that one way of eating is right for everyone especially since I have just spent the better part of 5 weeks exploring how we are all created in such a unique way that we never want to give a one-size fits all approach to yoga. Ok. So that is my big challenge with this book, but one thing I really loved is his definition of the word “vegan.”
“It indicates a mentality of expansive inclusiveness and is able to embrace science and virtually all religions because it is a manifestation of the yearning for universal peace, justice, wisdom, and freedom. The contemporary vegan movement is founded on loving-kindness and mindfulness of our effects on others. (27-28)”


I will not even try, but if I could take the definition of the word Vegan as Tuttle states it and employ his definition in the broadest sense (not just about animals/animal products), then I embrace the idea! A few things I know to be true for me: Eat more organic and locally grown food from people who care for all that is living, be mindful of what you are eating choosing what is healthy/loving and not toxic to your unique body, & choose brands of food (if you can’t grow everything on your own) that promote justice, equal exchange so that we value the living beings behind the product.

If we truly lived this way, then we would have a more peaceful and compassionate society even if we still eat (less) meat😊. We would buy less because of the expense, eat less because we eat with a mindful presence which takes longer connecting us to our fullness factor, and vote with our dollar for the companies that we deem worthy of our dollar. So, here is a resource to help you get started on this journey. My family tries to use this shopping guide as a more mindful way of spending our money…we are not perfect about using the guide, but we are aware! Christmas is right around the corner and I thought I could use this reminder!

If you have other resources that you use, please pass along your recommendations!



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