If we must compare, ask yourself this….

fullest expression

I compare prices.  I compare services offered.  I compare quality of products.  I spend a lot of time and energy comparing so that I can make the best choice.  So when people say, “Stop comparing yourself to others,” I feel lost.  After writing my blog piece yesterday, I thought about what to say about the comparison trap.  For me, I think I need a healthier way to channel this energy.  What if I ask myself everyday, “Did I give the fullest expression of myself today?”  Compared to yesterday.  Compared to several years ago.  Compared to what was required of me today.  Not better or worse.  Not judgement.  Just a way to encourage myself to Set Her Free a little more each and every day.

Is this helpful to you?  What mantras or sayings help you?

Sneak Peak….tomorrow I have the most amazing quote from my daughter who astounds me with her wisdom.  I can’t wait to share tomorrow!

All that sparkles and shines in me loves and sees all that sparkles and shines in you!


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