Quote for today

What we call the secular is actually the

P141 in Why did Jesus, Moses, The Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road?

I posted this quote 4 years ago on my Facebook page and today my post popped up in my Facebook memories.  Powerful statement and not one that I have heard often in the church.  Usually I hear very dualistic thinking such as US vs The World.  I am sure that Brian McLaren’s quote is part of the higher level of thinking where instead of posing 2 things against each other we bring them together in a new way that honors the integrity of both in what I call “The Third way.”

We are all connected because the Spark of The Divine is present in all things.  Richard Rohr and Brian McLaren remind us that we enter into the third way by cultivating awareness of The Divine in our daily life…breath by breath, eye to eye, hand in soil.


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