Be Present! Experiment! Stay Curious.

Be present! Experiment! Stay Curious

If the cosmos as we know it originates from a “big bang”—from a “Let there be”—that means that one point just explodes with life and gives birth to the many lives.

When does this many cease to be one?

When did this one ever not contain the many?

Never!  this is what the relational pattern of the universe is teaching us, from Godhead to geochemistry and everything in between.  The shape of the cosmos—quasar to quark—is triune.

How do we practice this presence—of reality?  Scientists and mystics alike will tell us:

Be present!  Experiment!  Stay curious.

The Divine Dance by Richard Rohr page 73


I am exhausted this week.  I am tired of investing so much energy in reading, writing, sharing my heart, being open and vulnerable, meditation, journaling, cleansing my body and practicing yoga.  Today, I took a beautiful yoga class that allowed me the opportunity to set my intention (Love & Acceptance for myself and what I am feeling today) and fully explore that intention in gentle, flowing movements.  I also benefited from the collective energy of the group.  I was hugged by a stranger and reminded that I have “beautiful energy.”  Her words not mine.  I felt I had yucky energy, but she reminded me that a tired day does not mask a loving heart.  I am glad I made it to my mat today because I needed my community and the beauty of this life is that they needed me.   “Though we are many throughout the earth.  We are one body in this one Lord.” (Lyrics from One Bread One Body)

I read Rohr’s words today and felt encouraged to lean in during this time of exhaustion.  Lean in to being present.  Lean in to continuing to explore and experiment.  Lean in to asking good questions.  Lean in to my intention of holding space for what will be.



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