Full Moon Rituals

Look Up It_s the Moon


Look at the moon in the sky not the one in the lake.   Rumi

When my kids were little, I would get their PJs on, open the front door of our home and we would sing to the full moon. I felt a little silly about the whole experience the first time, but then grew to love the opportunity to connect to Mother Nature in a new way. We would sing Laurie Berkner’s song, “Moon, moon, moon.” If you want to hear the song click here….

Women have always connected to the moon. We cycle like the moon and many find the moon to represent a very feminine energy. This weekend, we will experience the super moon. You might have already felt the tension of the moon’s energy this week if you have not slept well or if an internal or external battle has heightened. If you feel the pull forward to make a change as well at the tug to stay in your place of comfort, then you have experienced the energy of the full moon. What a terrific opportunity to lean into this energy and discover the message that is already deep in your soul! For me, I need rituals to help me engage during this time of the month.
A couple of years ago, my sisters started buying me rock crystals that held healing powers, helped with insomnia, opened the heart to love or helped open the door to change. These special stones connect to our energy and absorb some of our negative energy. This negative energy blocks the stones natural healing properties, so the stones need a cleansing ritual. One full moon ritual is to put them out in during the full moon to bring them back in tune with their inner healing energy.
Sometimes, I stay up and journal. Last November, I felt like I needed to stay up and journal, but I had suffered for weeks from insomnia so as I went to sleep, I prayed letting God know that I was open to receiving a message through my dreams. THE DREAM happened that night and I am still learning from this dream a year later. Another ritual is smudging. Smudging helps clear out negative energy or even stuck energy in the body or in a place like your home. I have sage on hand in case I feel the urge to smudge during a full moon.
These are some of the rituals that I love during a full moon.
Today, I found this article that goes into more detail about full moon rituals and offers one I have not experimented with before: moon bathing! Not sure I will be connecting to that ritual this month since I am headed out of town on a yoga retreat. Not sure if I will tell you if I do😊

Do you have a full moon ritual?



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