Laughter & Play

laughter and play

I am back at my computer after a weekend yoga retreat.  As a part of our YTT course, we travelled to Galveston to spend 12 hours of class time together.  Our teachers prepared amazing walking meditations on the beach and yoga practices with blindfolds!  I will keep the rest a secret to entice others to commit to Yoga Teacher Training the next time a class opens.

As we finished up Saturday’s practice, we enjoyed beautiful food artfully prepared while sharing about our family’s thoughts on our 21 day cleanse and Yoga meals.  Great conversation turned to belly laughs as game cards replaced the food on the table.  We laughed for hours and I was reminded of all the people in my life who make me laugh.  Most of my life, I chose friends who made me laugh….not just laugh, but pee in your panties, pull an abdominal muscle kind of laugh.  My body, mind and spirit craved laughter, but I did not know how desperately.  I am in awe of people who have the gift of making people laugh.

The article link above is one of many great articles you can find about laughter.  Life weighs us down, friends, and “adulting” can be like running a continuous marathon, but if you have a funny friend by your side, you can laugh & pee & keep on running!

Goal for 2018:  Laugh everyday….even if I have to fake it until I make it!


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