All Things Are



All Things are impermanent day 62

All Things are Impermanent.  I attach to this truth when I think about possessions, ideas, seasons…I could not survive living in Houston if I did not believe that the heat would someday be replaced by cooler weather!  I am a little less able to let go of the beautiful weather when Spring turns to Summer again.  The idea that family and relationships are impermanent scares me, though.

I love my husband and my children.  We create a beautiful life together everyday and on my best days, I am awed by the idea that I belong with these unique individuals.  When I first encountered this truth while walking on the beach for a meditation practice, I immediately thought of my family and my heart felt like someone squeezed it.  I want things to be permanent.  I would love for us to continue exactly as we are today for as long as we live.

If I held onto our relationship today, I lose seeing how our relationship will grow in the future.  When my kids were young, I wanted them to stay young so I could cuddle and love on them forever.  Then, a few years later, I wanted them to stay that age forever because I enjoyed seeing the world through their excited and expressive eyes.  Now, we travel together and explore the world in ways that we could not do when they were babies.  I love my relationship with my husband but I learned quickly to embrace impermanence.  We married young and I will speak for myself when I say……I needed to grow and change.  In the background, Chad is yelling, “Amen!”  I am a lot to handle and he would not have me any other way at least today…we will see how he feels tomorrow!

All things are impermanent.

When you sit with that idea, what relationship, object, special place comes to mind?  How can you ease into the idea?


2 responses to “All Things Are”

  1. Hi Amber! Beautifully written. When I sit with the idea that all things are impermanent it gives me a feeling of relief and freedom. As much as I am a creature of habit, I am also glad that things do not stay the same forever. Just like the changing of the seasons allow for new growth, various seasons of life will yield a variety of growth in us. There is really something quite beautiful about that that I would not want to give up in place of seeking to make something last forever. Anyhow, thanks so much for sharing these thoughts! I really quite enjoyed reading your post 🙂 Cheers!

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    • Thank you! Great relief and joy can come from realizing that all things are impermanent. There is Freedom in letting go and opening our hearts to what might be. I love that Mother Nature teaches us this truth! Cheers 🥂 to you!

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