2 types of People

are you a pusher day 66

In an article titled, “Yoga as Self-Transformation,” Joel Kramer writes that there are two types of people in yoga: Pushers and Sensualists.  Pushers want control.  They channel energy to engage the body and mind into a posture.  They want to see progress from day to day, month to month and year to year.  The problem comes when the entire practice is wrapped up in the idea of progress.  Pushers tend to leave their yoga practice for awhile when they don’t see the effort they have put in rewarded with progress on the way to accomplishing their goals.

Sensualists have a strong desire for relaxation and surrender.  They take a laid back approach to their practice.  They enjoy the feel of the pose in their body.  The struggle is that they don’t learn to play with their edge.  Playing with the edge is a game of pushing yourself to your limit and holding.  You repeat this process in a pose and find that your edge moves farther away and you move with it.  If you can’t push to the edge, then you will never progress in your practice.

The key is balance.  Pushers learn to let go and enjoy the pose for what the pose offers the body today.  Sensualists learn to enjoy the excitement of reaching their edge using the breath and control to increase their energy.

Some people call these types pushers and coasters.  We all know people in each category inside the yoga room as well as in our families, at work, or at church.  If you have read my blog or know me at all, I am easily identified…..classic pusher.

What type of person are you?



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