Take a peek

day 68

Personal boundaries serve to protect us from experiencing hurt or pain or rejection. We set up these boundaries because experience tells us that we need protection. Boundaries also prevent us from being able to see a situation clearly. When we establish firm boundaries, we can’t explore the possibilities of learning/experiencing something different. Today, I want to ask you to think about your boundaries. We all have them. You may have boundaries around your health, how you express your faith, what kind of people you let into your life, situations/people/ideas that you will no longer tolerate or who you think deserves the freedom our country offers.
Boundaries. I smacked my head on several of mine😊 this fall. The book, World Peace Diet, exposed two of mine. I resist opening myself to men who write/speak passionately but do not back up their passion with thoughtful research. Whew! I could barely choke down the book because from the very first page, this man lit my fire. I worked through that boundary by exploring why I felt resistant to him allowing my insight to soften my boundary enough to finish the book. The book also said that every human being should be a vegan. SMACK. Walls all around this one. Any person or doctor or professor that gives a one size fits all approach immediately meets my wall. I back this boundary up by saying that God loves uniqueness. Just look at human beings in their bone structure, hair color & texture, eye color, musculature or cellular function! Keep your one size fits all approach and I will get to know the individual person in all their subtle differences.

In YTT training, we are reading articles about how doctors in Germany are seeing patients with cancer go into remission through holistic protocols. Many of our group expressed anger and sadness that in America we don’t pursue more of these approaches because we are so entangled with the Pharmaceutical companies. The holistic protocols do not bring in the big bucks because their way is to use drugs to a significantly lesser degree or not at all. In discussing holistic approach to healthcare, our conversation turned to vaccines. I watched the conversation drift around the circle exposing the many boundaries within the group. I am not to judge anyone’s choice or their process for determining what works for their body. Boundaries are not intrinsically bad.

For me, vaccines are another one size fits all approach (my boundary)! I am not anti-vaccine…. I am prochoice in every way that encompasses that title. I want to be offered the option to research each vaccine, to read the inserts, to investigate through blood tests what my body can handle, and then make an informed choice. I want time to read the history of vaccines, understand why they were created and decide if they are still necessary in the world that I live in with the abundant amenities (like clean water, fresh fruits and vegetables, sanitation, etc.) that I have at my fingertips. I want you to have this same option.
I think it would be interesting to approach conversations over Thanksgiving looking for when our own boundaries pop up as well as noticing other people’s boundaries. Can we take a peek around our boundaries? Here is one idea about how you might approach your boundaries: Maybe write some of them down as they occur. Then, think about what helps you see around some of the boundaries. Do you need to do some research on an idea that sits funny with you to see what you can learn? Do you need to have a one on one conversation with someone who thinks differently or has a different life experience to help you see around the boundary? What tools do you use to soften the boundary? If you can’t soften the protective wall explore the reasons why.




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