With Love

Pumpkin baking day 71


My love language is baking.  You might think to yourself that “baking” is not an actual love language, but it does fall under the category of acts of service.  Correct!  When I think about baking, I feel good about serving you, but my heart’s desire is to create an experience for you.  If I bake for you, I envision your mouth coming alive through tastes and textures.  I see you sitting around a table with family and friends enjoying these handmade goodies.  For my friends with food allergies, I hope that your face lights up as you see their beauty and smell their fragrance knowing that you actually get to eat them.

I lead through many experiences in my last job and my reward was stepping back to watch you explore.  In the yoga room, we learn to craft an experience that invites the student to explore their bodies, their emotions and make a deeper connection to themselves and The Divine.

Tomorrow many will attend church.  Maybe you will get up early, get the family ready and drive to your local church community.  What do you hope to experience?  What church experience inspired love to overflow or joy to well up from every cell in your body?  How did you experience the power of forgiveness or test your limits to develop humility?

To: You

I invite you to experience.

With Love: Me



One response to “With Love”

  1. One of my favorite loves is babies. I LOVE babies, actually all children but babies are so sweet & cuddly. They are so innocent & helpless. I love holding them,talking to them, sometimes making them laugh. I like watching them discover things they can do. I even walk up to strangers with babies & coo at them. Ha

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