Thought for the week

I finished reading The Art of Living as taught by S.N. Goenka by  William Hart.  This amazing little book is full of beautiful parables and deep teaching.  Each chapter takes you deeper into the practice of Vipassana Meditation where we free ourselves from all suffering.

Today, many gathered in churches to learn important lessons.  No matter your religion,  the depth of the teaching reaches your heart through the practice of that lesson.  The greatest part is that the deeper you practice your religion, you begin to see that all religions hold many truths in common.  We may express them differently.  Maybe, we arrive at them from opposite ends, but that is why we have many ways and many religions.   One of the common truths is that we must experience our faith.  We must live what we believe so that we can tell others from a pure and authentic heart how we experienced this love.

Here is the thought for the week from page 84:

“But if we remain satisfied simply to accept received wisdom without questioning, it becomes a form of bondage, a barrier to the attainment of experiential understanding.  By the same token if we remain content merely to contemplate truth, to investigate and understand it intellectually, but make no effort to experience it directly, then all our intellectual understanding becomes a bondage instead of an aid to liberation.  Each one of us must live truth by direct experience…”


This week, may you experience……..

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