Who is your teacher?

In our yoga community, we talk about our lineage.  We can trace our line of teachers back to the father of modern day yoga, S. K. Krishnamacharya.  This lineage is important to show consistency of training, but also to honor that we are the sum of all of our teachers and our teacher’s teachers and so on.  Honoring our teachers humbly reminds us that they freely gave of themselves to us and so we freely give of ourselves to our students.

We participated in my son’s annual education meeting this week and I was reminded that for years and years whenever the team met, I would take 5 min to walk back through the list of my son’s teachers as well as honoring where his skills were at that time bringing it forward to the present.  I desire for his team to know that my son’s life today reflects the love and care of every teacher along the way.  He has a lineage.

Who are your teachers?  Your teachers may not have formally taught you, but who did you learn from either by watching, reading or verbal conversations.

Then, who is your teacher today?  We grow and change everyday, so who are you following today?


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