All Done.

This week I feel a surge of emotions when looking towards my Friday graduation. I finish a certification tomorrow night and I am all done ✅ with this portion of my training. Now, I get to teach! I will now be considered teacher and student because I never want to think I am growing out of being a student. “All done” feels exciting, but also sad. This amazing journey with this group of women ends tomorrow. The intensity of our experience together is “all done,” but has paved the way for new friendships to continue beyond “all done.”

Last night, I could not sleep so I stayed up reflecting on the words, “all done.”

Sometimes, I think we need people to stand up and say, “all done,” to situations that need to end because they are no longer serving anyone well. Saying, “all done” might be turning and facing fear that blocks the road to freedom.

“All done” might be said in anger when what we really mean is that this situation/experience/relationship as it currently exists must die whether or not anything new can be reborn. “All done” is risky, bringing us to our edge because we don’t know what will happen next. “All done” takes courage and strength.

To me, “All done” does not mean a closed door and a closed heart because I see that we utilize the strength that gave voice to “all done” to open our heart to whatever needs to happen next.

All done sometimes means well done or just DONE!

As we head into December and this season of festivities and joy, what needs to be “all done” because it no longer serves you? How can letting go of that idea/belief/experience/ritual open your heart to something new?

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