Do something……

I was on my yoga mat this morning easing into my first downward dog when I looked up to see my husband on a mat in the row in front of me! My heart quickened as I quietly scooted my mat so that I could practice next to him! I shot the teacher a look saying that this was my hubby! I love practicing beside my husband, but I realize that he has his routine and I have mine.

Today, he said that he realized he needed something different something that his regular routine did not offer. I heard him tell the teacher that he wants to focus on the interior work as much as the exterior and he recognized that Yoga offers a way to do both.

Our teacher kicked serious butt today offering us a great physical workout and challenging us to think about how we respond to relationships when intense friction has built up over time finally causing an explosion. POW šŸ’„

I thought my husband’s actions today gives a great example of what to do: do something differently so that you can see the situation with a different lens. Sometimes we are blinded by how stuck we are in a relationship or how things have always operated, so that we can’t see the truth anymore.

This is day 88 of 100 days of writing & yoga. My “different” has made all the difference for me this fall.

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