Meditation or Medication

My sweet friend in YTT accidentally called our meditation, “medication” one day and we all laughed, but we all agreed that part of our wellness routine involves some form of meditation.  Today, I spent time meditating and instead of coming back to my breath when I thought about a person, I would take a moment and send them loving-kindness.  I pictured a huge ray of light coming out of my chest, reaching across the miles, and filling their body.  The weird thing about this experience is that each time I sent loving-kindness, I felt energy leave my chest.

Years ago, I input data for my parent’s company.  Each store would send me names and email addresses of people who wanted to be included in the e-blast campaigns.  I hated this job.  My back tired easily from all the sitting and bending over my computer.  My brain wanted to scream for lack of stimulation.  After months of struggling, the thought came to me….what if I sent loving-kindness to each person as I entered their name?  This totally changed how I felt about my time spent each week doing data entry.  When this job came to an end, I actually felt sad because I believed I formed connections and made a difference in people’s lives.  Maybe it did.  Maybe it did not.  What I do know is that it changed me.

Here is a great article with some research about Loving-Kindness Meditation.  If you begin to practice, let me know what you experience!


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