If I had 24 hours left to live

The last essay for our certification made me cry while writing and sharing during our graduation ceremony.  All the essays, we had to write challenged me in different ways, but I was surprised at the emotion this essay brought to the surface.  My husband says that what I wrote reveals a lot about me, so I thought I would share it with you.

Here it goes….

If I had 24 hours left to live, I would not tell anyone except Chad.  I would want an authentic last day where I spoke to those who randomly (or not so randomly as I like to think that the spirit would draw those people to me) called or who I ran into while going about my day.

My favorite day of the week is Monday, so I would want to recreate a simple Monday no matter what day was my last.  Chad is off of work on Mondays and we have a date day!  We begin by waking up and having coffee time.  Sometimes, we quietly enjoy each other’s company, other times we share our thoughts, and on busy weeks we go over scheduling.  We wake Patch, our dog, up and let him jump up on the kid’s beds to wake them up for school.  After we drop them off for school, we head to the gym so that I can FLOW with my yoga friends.

We head home to shower and make a noon movie.  Hopefully something funny or inspiring would be at the theatre!  After the movie, we sit out on our deck drinking wine and eating a random lunch with veggies and hummus, crackers & chocolate.  Lunch is slow.  Patch plays in the backyard casually coming over to try and steal food off the table.

We walk Patch to pick up the kids from school and return home to make dinner and a beautiful dessert.  We love to bake together and I would love to have a beautiful dessert that evening and some left over for my family to share the next day in celebration of my life.

Hopefully, I would have an opportunity to teach one last yoga class offering my final words and creativity.

I would go through Peyton’s bedtime routine savoring every 1 of the 8 kisses I receive every night.  Taylor would stay up late reading and Chad and I would jump on her bed and make a BEAR sandwich with her in our hug.

Chad and I would go to sleep holding hands and after he prays for us which he does every night, I would let go!

So Simple.  I am crying (AGAIN) as I write this to you.

What would you want your last day to be like?

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