Day 100 of 100 Days of Writing & Yoga

100 Days of Writing & Yoga


Today is THE DAY!  100 days of Writing & Yoga completed.

I marked the date on my phone 100 days ago reminding myself to go celebrate this accomplishment.  It is now 8:30pm and we are finally settling in for the evening from a day full of Saturday chores.  Did I celebrate?  Technically, no.  But as I reflect back on my day, I received the greatest gift today.  A gift that a thoughtful person would gift wrap and send to me on this momentous day.  Here is the story of my gift:

I rushed into the yoga studio this morning because my son was having a rough morning and I needed to pick up my daughter from a slumber party.  Having made it to my mat, I observed that my body hurt.  My hips hurt.  My shoulders and neck hurt.  I moaned and groaned getting into and out of every pose.  During one pose, I moved around on my mat and accidentally laid my hand on my neighbor’s hand.  She and I both quietly said, “Sorry!”  Then, I moved into another pose and our hands met again.  “Sorry!” I said.

Class continued and I made my way to the long side of my mat working my way into frog pose.  If you don’t know this pose, look it up and do it everyday.  Frog pose is brilliantly uncomfortable but worth your time spent!  Anyways, my neighbor and I ended up turning to face each other, but not realizing what we had done!  In this class, we close our eyes and hold the poses for a long time, so this really can happen.  As I worked my way down onto the mat, our hands met again.  Intentionally, I put my hand on her forearm and said, “I think we are supposed to be good friends!”  We both giggled.  During one pose, she accidentally moved my ponytail with her arm.  This is what happens in yoga!

After class, I introduced myself and we began talking about yoga.  She began to cry as she explained how yoga changed her life in so many beautiful ways.  She asked what classes I attended during the week so that we could practice together.  I told her my typical schedule.  For the first time, I was able to say that I will be teaching on a regular basis and I would love for her to come to my class.

My comment lead to her asking me about the teacher training that I just completed.  I shared my experience with her, answered her questions and hopefully gave her confidence that she could do too!

What a gift!  A new friend & a fantastic conversation.

This wraps up my 100 days.



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