Quote for the Week

Normal Never Stood Out

My daughter and I spent time yesterday walking our dog.  Our conversation curved and spun around like the trails we chose to follow.  She talked about her group of friends and her feelings about junior high.  She shared her ideas of what she hoped to be when she grows up and what she will need to do to accomplish those goals.  She is as wise as her heart is beautiful.

The message that I felt underlined our conversation circled around the idea that “Normal Never Stood Out.”  As hard as it is for anyone to be the person who sees things from a different perspective or to feel like they are the only ones hoping for something more, I have learned that when you stand on the fringe looking in, your ideas stand out like a vibrant flower on the sand or a bloom in the snow or a rain shower on a sunny day.

Be you.  Stand out, my friends.


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