Day 1: Draw inward

10 Experiences

I can only look for something that I have, to some degree, already found….Deep in the recesses of our minds and hearts there lies hidden the treasure we seek.  Nouwen, Life of the Beloved

Back to Basics.  When was the last time you sat with the idea that God loves you?  When was the last time you sat feeling the light within you burn so brightly that you felt overwhelmed with joy?  When was the last time you sat acknowledging that the light within you burns within everyone you know and everyone you will meet?

If your answer is years or yesterday, I think today is a new day to experience something fresh.  If you are reading the book or just beginning, maybe stop and take a day or two, a week or even the month of January to pursue experiencing connection with yourself, all of humanity and the Divine.

First, find a pillow and a super soft blanket or hoodie and SIT DOWN.  I recommend using a timer (like the one on your phone!) that will peacefully chime at you after you have sat for your desired amount of time.  Try 5 min.  Then 10 min.  12 min?  24 min?  I like to use the Insight Timer app on my phone.  This app connects me to friends and family who are meditating as well as a larger community both local and global.

Here is what I did during my time of meditation while experiencing this book:

I began just listening to the sound of my breath.  Rhythmic.  Life giving.  Then, I did a body scan relaxing the areas of my body that held tension.  I began at the crown of my head and worked my way to my toes….slowly.  After I felt settled, I started repeating the phrase, “I am the light of the world.”  You can use any phrase or any word that speaks to you, but the phrase or word needs to resonate within you.  This phrase or word is about who you are deep within.  You may not believe the words all the time, but you know them to be true.  Here are a few options:  I am the Beloved, Joy, I am love, Peace.

I would stay with this meditation until you really feel the words take root within you.  This may take you days, weeks or all year.

If you are ready to move on, begin to turn the phrase outward.  Picture the people in your life, the people you ran into today, the people you love AND the people that irritate you and using your word or phrase say, “You are the light of the world.”  “You are the beloved.”  “You are love.”

Stay with this meditation until you feel complete.

The third way to connect is to visualize the light within you growing so bright and the light within your home, your church, your city, your state growing so bright that the light radiates out all over the world.

I would love to hear your experience or if you have other ideas!

Below is a picture of the meditation station at Kingwood Christian Church

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