Day 4: The Gift of Seeing

10 Experiences

Our awareness of being chosen opens our eyes to the chosenness of others. That is the great joy of being chosen: the discovery that others are chosen as well.  Nouwen, Life of the Beloved

Day of Silence Challenge

The challenge is to go throughout your normal day observing noble silence. When we move in silence, we can use our senses to experience life in a new way. Noble silence also means refraining from outside distractions so that you can listen to the sounds around you. What would life be like without your cell phone for a day?  Without TV/Radio/Internet for a day?  What do you see? What do you hear?

Do what you can do.  If you can take a whole day, then try to observe a whole day of silence.  If you can take a few hours, then honor that time commitment.  I would say that your sleeping hours do not count, but you set your own rules!  Ha!

I love challenges so I set this post in the form of a challenge.  For me, I feel energized by a challenge.  If you do not experience a challenge in the same way, then make this work for you in your own words.

Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to observe the light in people all around you. Bask in their glow. Honor that the same light in you is also shining in them.  Sit on a park bench and watch as people pass by.  Sit in a coffee shop.  That bench that no one sits on in Walmart…it’s for you!!!  Watch and Listen.

If you run into someone you know or you have to run errands (great idea to really see people), then write a explanatory phrase on a notecard that you can carry with you.

Something like…..
Today, I am observing noble silence. The Light in me honors The Light in you.

or less serious…

Today, I am keeping my mouth shut, but that does not mean you have to!

Let me know how it goes!  I love to hear from you.



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