Day 7: Making Friends

10 Experiences

Yes, fearsome as it may sound, we are called to claim our unique brokenness, just as we have to claim our unique chosenness and our unique blessedness.  Nouwen, Life of the Beloved.

Name Your Brokenness

If we name our brokenness, then it loses power over us. Our fear of our brokenness keeps us from bringing it into The Light. Your brokenness can be any experience or word or thought that hurt you.
Let’s Make Friends with our own unique brokenness.

Begin your journal entry for today with this statement filling in the blank with your unique brokenness.
Welcome, dear ________________. We have been enemies for _________________years. Today, I turn to face you acknowledging you are part of me. I love you. I am whole and complete.


Now, think about your self-talk. Does your self-talk affirm The Light within you? Does your self-talk curse you explaining all the brokenness you experience as confirmation of the curse?


List the loop of self-talk you experience all day. If you write negative statements, put a line through them and write out Your Truth to the side.
Let’s observe the 7th commandment, Do Not Kill, a little differently this week. Our negative self-talk kills The Light within us. Let’s commit to shinning brighter!

Shine Bright, my friends!



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