Day 8: Love Yourself

10 Experiences

And so the great task becomes that of allowing the blessing to touch us in our brokenness. Then our brokenness will gradually come to be seen as an opening toward the full acceptance of ourselves. Nouwen, Life of the Beloved.


At the Golden Globes this past Sunday, Mary J Blige wore black in solidarity with other women and men protesting sexual harassment in Hollywood.  I watched her interview and was deeply moved by her words. “They’ve been hanging on to these things forever, for God knows how long, and now they’re speaking up and being set free.”

I think there is something about using your voice to speak your truth whether the truth is about your belovedness or your brokenness.

Today, it is time to speak up!

Call a friend.  Write to a loved one.  Meet a sister for coffee.  Meet with your tribe or your Sangha sisters.

Give voice to your belovedness as well as claim your brokenness.  We long for true community…the kind that shares the good, the bad and the ugly in balanced measure.  Our community provides safety, provides a listening ear, as well as helps us remember our truth calling us back to focus on our light when we think we are shrouded in darkness.

When we are grounded in our truth, knowing deep in our gut both our blessedness and our brokenness, then the truth will bubble up from our very core and find expression in our words and our actions.

Truth Sets Us Free.

May all beings everywhere be free.

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