Day 9: Your Gift

10 Experiences

The real question is not “What can we offer each other?” but “Who can we be for each other?” It is the gift of our own life that shines through all we do.  Nouwen, Life of the Beloved.

Who can we be for each other?

Choose a word or write your own.

This word will be you who want to be in 2018.  Maybe it is the word you connected to during Day One’s Meditation or that you expressed through art in Day Two.

Write this word again and find a small box or leftover wrapping paper from Christmas.  Wrap the word & if you can tie a ribbon around the box.

This is the gift of yourself that you want to give to the world.  Keep it in your purse or briefcase, on your desk or in your kitchen.  Let this be a reminder of who you truly are.  You are a gift to this world.

Go and be who you are!





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